UltimateEAP began in 2014 as a boutique specialist Employee Assistance Program for the youth and community services industry throughout Australia. All too often Employee Assistance Programs are run by people with limited or no experience in the youth and community services sector. Social Workers, Psychologists and HR professionals who have never stepped inside the doors of a youth or community service. UltimateEAP is run for the youth and community sector by youth and community sector veterans who have gone on to become qualified social workers. All our staff are qualified and experienced practitioners who know the struggles of being out there on the frontline, in management and leading youth and community services.

Our Employee Assistance Program is tailored to your needs. We don’t put things in that are useless to you. We treat you with the respect and support you need. Our focus is a strong well supported sector with strong well supported staff. Our extensive list of Employee Assistance Program consultants, Psychologists and Social Workers have all worked in the youth and community services and know what you need to be the best you can possibly be.

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